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    5 Essential tips to save on heating oil this winter

    Winter is well on its way and it’s also when we start thinking about how much we’re spending on keeping our home warm and how we can do it for less. A few winter preparations and small changes around the house could help towards seeing a reduction in in the frequency of heating oil top-ups and help save money on your heating bills.

    We have put together some handy energy saving tips to help you stay warm, for less this winter.

    1. Understand your heating system and its controls

    Take the time to learn how your heating system works and how to use the controls properly – so that you can use it in the best and most cost-effective way for you. You can set an automatic timer to turn your heating on and off at different stages throughout the day, so you don’t waste heat when you’re not at home. Also consider turning your thermostat down. By reducing room temperature by 1ºC, you can save up to 10% off your annual fuel bill.

    2. Insulate

    One of the most effective ways of keeping the cold out and the heat in is insulating your house. Installing quality insulation can be extremely beneficial and help you save money on your heating bills this winter.  Don’t forget to also check the insulation in:

    • Your walls – around 35% of heat lost is lost through the walls.
    • Your hot-water tank – Put a jacket or blanket over your tank or buy one that’s already covered with rigid foam to help keep heat in.
    • Your attic or roof – Around 25% of heat lost in a typical un-insulated home escapes through the roof.
    • Your attic hatch – Make sure there’s insulation on top of it.

    Sealing gaps around the edges of windows and floorboards, investing in double glazing and lessening drafts are also effective ways of preventing heat loss. Resealing any of these gaps will instantly reduce the drafts in your home, and draft excluders along the bottom of your doors will keep you and your family feeling warm and cosy.

    3. Service Your Boiler

    We can’t emphasise this enough. Your boiler could be working harder and using more fuel than is needed to heat your home. Like many items that are in regular use, it is important to have your boiler serviced regularly. By booking an annual service, you can improve your boiler’s efficiency and reduce the chance of expensive breakdowns or maintenance issues over winter. Be prepared!

    4. Order oil early

    Getting an early heating oil order is a clever move to make to ensure your winter runs smoothly as fuel prices often increase during the winter months. Also. if possible, try and order as much fuel as you can as you will get better value for money on larger deliveries.

    5. Drying clothes on your radiators

    Did you know that drying your clothes on a radiator lowers the amount of heat released by the radiator, and as a result your boiler has to run for longer to achieve the same room temperature, thus using more fuel overall? Not many people are aware of this. Instead we recommend you purchase a clothes horse and place it near a radiator to dry your clothes.

    Also, don’t forget to bleed your radiators when needed as this can prolong the life and maximise performance of your heating system. You’ll know when they need bled if they are cold at the top but warm at the bottom.  It’s probable that there is trapped in air in them but bleeding them will make them warm all over.

    Don’t put a chill on your household budget. Use Emo’s handy tips to ensure your home is warm and cosy for you and your family this winter without breaking the bank.