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    8 helpful tips to prevent running out of home heating oil

    Many people leave ordering their heating oil until they have either run out completely or at the end of the tank. If you run out of heating oil, it makes you realise how uncomfortable it can be without your hot water and central heating.

    Whilst this may be tolerable during the warmer months, going without heating can put vulnerable people, such as the elderly and very young at risk. There are also added problems associated with running out of oil such as:

    • Paying more for an emergency delivery of heating oil
    • Allowing your tank to run down to empty or very low levels can cause disturbing sludge that builds up in the bottom of the tank when you have a delivery. This often results in this sludge getting into filters and cause your boiler to fail. You may then need a heating engineer to repair the problem.
    • Demand for heating oil suppliers is high during the winter months and they may take some time to get to you with a delivery.

    Here Emo Oil provide some helpful tips to prevent running out of oil;

    1. Don’t leave ordering your oil until the last minute. Plan ahead and try and order when you’ve got at least a ¼ of the tank left. Not only does this give you peace of mind if there are problems with deliveries, but it also helps to prevent sludge being stirred up from the bottom of the tank and blocking filters.
    1. Buying your heating oil in the summer is a clever move to make to ensure your winter runs smoothly as fuel prices often increase during the winter months. Also, oil prices in the summer are usually cheaper so that you know you have a full tank before the winter when your consumption will increase significantly. If possible, try and order as much fuel as you can as you will get better value for money on larger deliveries.
    1. Install a heating oil monitor so that you can easily check your oil levels and even be alerted if they drop below certain levels. If you can’t afford a monitor, then get into the habit of checking the level of the oil in the tank using the tank gauge or a dip stick.
    1. Sign up for a monthly payment plan so that you pay for your oil on a monthly basis in advance thus preventing cash flow problems when you do need to order.
    1. By booking an annual service, you can improve your boiler’s efficiency and reduce the chance of expensive breakdowns or maintenance issues over the colder months. Your boiler could be working harder and using more fuel than is needed to heat your home. Like all items that are in regular use, it is important to have your boiler serviced regularly.
    1. Install more oil tank security measures to prevent theft e.g. oil tank locks, CCTV, alarms and security lighting. Get a secure tank lock and be aware of any reported fuel theft crimes in your neighbourhood.
    1. Buy your oil in the summer when prices are usually cheaper so that you know you have a full tank before the winter when your consumption will increase significantly.
    1. Take advantage of our Planned Delivery Service – Emo Oil can take the hassle out of remembering to order oil to ensure that you never run out again, because we’ll calculate your average daily usage and take into account factors like colder weather and deliver your oil to you automatically when you’re running low.

    By following some simple advice and by planning ahead, Emo Oil can help ensure you don’t run out of oil and find yourself feeling blue.