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    Essential Autumn Chores for a Warm Home this Season

    As the days and evenings become colder, you’ll need to think about keeping warm. With autumn’s arrival, you might find yourself feeling the chill more than usual within your home. There are several things you can do to help keep yourself warm during the autumn months.

    Look at these handy tips on how to make sure you stay warm this season.

    1. Prevent drafts

    If you’re feeling a chilly draft in your home the chances are you’ve not properly prepared your house for the colder months.

    Cold air can seep through hidden openings in old doors and windows. If you don’t have double or triple glazing you might want to buy some transparent plastic wrap to add to the inside of your window.

    You can also help reduce drafts in your home by buying or making a draft excluder to put under your window or door

    2. Bleed your radiators

    Make sure your radiators are working fully first – many people forget to do this. Having not used them over the summer months it is likely that they may not all be heating up properly throughout your house. Bleeding a radiator can be done easily at home.

    3. Check insulation

    Conserve energy by checking attic insulation and padding any exposed pipes. Make sure that water tanks and pipes are insulated (lagged) and replace any lagging that has slipped over time. You can buy foam pipe sleeves that can be cut to fit from most hardware or DIY stores.

    4. Protect your pipes

    Locate the mains water stop cock (normally under the kitchen sink) and ensure it can be turned on and off with ease. If a pipe bursts in your home, this would probably be the first thing to turn off.

    5. Check the boiler

    Use a qualified engineer to service your boiler. This is a must if you’re going to have a reliably warm home and hot water this winter.

    6. Stay warm and cosy

    As the days and evenings become colder, you’ll need to think about keeping yourself warm. You can keep warm by wearing plenty of thin layers rather than one thick one.

    Also, wearing bed socks and thermal underwear at night will keep the night time chills at bay. You could also get yourself some soft throws and blankets to keep cosy through the cold, dark nights.

    7. Be smoke safe

    If you’re fortunate enough to have a working fireplace or wood-burning stove, it’s important to get it ready for use. It’s important to have your chimney swept and tested once a year. Stock up on firewood and kindling, and if possible buy baskets to store it next to the fire.

    Most importantly, make sure your smoke alarms are in excellent working order.

    8. Order your home heating oil

    We make it very easy for you to get a quote from us and order your home heating oil for autumn/winter. Stay ahead and be prepared. If you can order enough oil to fill your tank you’ll not only benefit from a lower cost per unit but you will also not have to worry about running out of oil too soon.

    Did you know that when the weather gets colder there is a higher demand for heating oil which causes the price to increase too? Don’t delay and order sooner rather than later.

    By being clever with your heating and being prepared, your home will stay warmer longer during the autumn season.