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    Fuel Efficiency: It’s In Your Hands

    When it comes to heating your home, there are numerous ways to do it. There are a wide range of options available, such as oil, gas, and storage/standard electrical heating.

    The ins and outs of fuel and heating tend to go over people’s heads, as it’s not exactly everyone’s area of expertise. Convenience then becomes the easy option without thinking about the impact and repercussions that can occur.

    With all of the above in mind, today we’re discussing the benefits of oil heating and how everyone can be more fuel efficient.

    Benefits of Oil Heating

    • High Density Fuel

    A small amount of oil provides a large amount of energy.

    • Easy Availability

    Oil is widely available and can be easily transported across the globe, meaning that it can be obtained at short notice and with ease.

    • A Reliable and Constant Power Source

    With the ability to be used 24/7, oil is one of the most reliable heating sources available. And without using as much electricity as gas and electrical heating, it’s also one of the most efficient.

    • A Widely Used Commodity

    Despite being a popular heating option, oil has a wide variety of other reliable uses, like electricity generation, transportation, the amendment of roads and surfaces, and the creation of plastics and synthetic materials.

    • Awareness of Usage

    The advantage of having oil as your heat source is knowing exactly how much you’re using. In comparison to electric and gas heating options, oil levels can be checked at your convenience to see how much you’re using.

    How We Can Be More Fuel Efficient In Our Everyday Lives

    1. Invest in Long-Term Solutions for a Warmer Home

    This might seem like a big, expensive job, but using excessive fuel to heat your home is just as costly, as well as damaging. Simple changes like investing in double glazing, thermal doors, overall insulation and draught proofing can make a world of difference, while also creating a more fuel efficient environment at home. That way, you automatically gain a warmer home and spend less on fuel consumption. Two birds, one stone!

    1. Change Your Heating System

    It’s widely known that electrical heating systems are among the most used based on their ease of use and convenience. The downside to this is that they’re also some of the most expensive, often proving to be three times more expensive than gas or oil usage. With that in mind, it’s advisable to switch to a less expensive heating method to avoid a nasty surprise when your next bill comes in.

    1. Control Your Heating with a Timer

    This one might be a little obvious, but it’s remarkable how effective it can be. By leaving heating on constantly, your heat source is used at a faster pace, and reduces the efficiency of your fuel consumption. Using a timer will allow you to be strategic with your heating: setting it to come on for an hour before you wake up/before you get home from work/during particularly cold evenings can make all the difference.

    There’s no chance of forgetting to switch it on or off as it’s all set to your own schedule. This takes another responsibility off your hands, reducing the risk of running out of heat sooner than expected, as well as our impactful carbon footprint. This is a double win, if you ask us!

    A Fuel Efficient Option for Home Heating

    Most oil companies provide the standard kerosene to their customers, but Emo have an additional premium kerosene option for ordering. Our premium kerosene is a high-performance oil, working to benefit you and your heating system in multiple ways.

    This option has been created to improve the efficiency of your heating system, reducing service issues and keeping your fuel fresh for a longer period of time. It also works to prevent sludge formation, as well as the build-up of carbon and deposit.

    Overall, it guarantees overall efficiency, a clean burn and optimum performance. If you’re looking for the ideal home heating or range cooker, this is a no-brainer if you ask us!