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    Preparing a cosy home for guests this Christmas

    Preparing a cosy home for guests this Christmas doesn’t have to be the nightmare you’re expecting it to be. We know that soon house guests will start arriving in droves to spend some quality family time together and before they land on your doorstep you’ll probably have a few extra chores to do to get your home ready to welcome their arrival.

    To help you get ahead with additional work (as if you don’t have enough to do at this time of year!) here’s a few tips on preparing a cosy home for guests this Christmas.

    Sort the guest room

    Has your spare room become a junk room in recent months? It’s easy to neglect this unused space if you don’t use it every day, but now is the time to tackle the clutter and make it a place you can actually sleep in. If you don’t use this room often, you might not have had the radiators switched on to heat the space, so make sure you adjust this now so that you can air the space out and remove any musty smells. It’s always a good idea to ventilate the room with fresh air before guests arrive, and change the sheets and bedding to cosy brushed cotton which will keep your guests warm while they stay with you.

    Extra hot water and heating

    If you have extra people in your home this Christmas, make sure you top up with home heating oil before their arrival as you’ll need extra heating and hot water for the duration of their stay. There’s nothing worse than running out of oil when you least expect it, so don’t delay – get a cheap quote online in minutes using our online form and we can deliver to you as soon as possible.

    Cosy seating and space to relax

    Having guests at Christmas normally means you’ll be spending more time together as a family, so make sure you can accommodate these extra bodies with enough cosy seating and blankets in your living room so you can all sit together comfortably. Remember, you might have to rearrange furniture at Christmas to accommodate the tree and decorations, so this can make sneaky draughts that you haven’t noticed before now more obvious, and these can add an unwelcome chill to your living room. When preparing your home for guests this Christmas, make sure you check all around the window sills and doors for cracks or draughty spots and fix these to keep your living room nice and warm.

    Cosy food and drink

    The festive period is typically a time for comfort food, and when you’re entertaining at Christmas you’ll no doubt want to impress with your culinary skills. Cosy food and drink is a must – and thankfully there’s no shortage of inspiration. From mulled wine to gingerbread houses to decadent Christmas cakes and of course the main event – the perfect Christmas dinner – make sure you have plenty to keep your guests satisfied with. Don’t forget you can also use the heat from your oven after you’ve finished cooking to heat your home – simply keep the door open and let the hot air circulate (but be wary of small children and pets if you have them).