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    Be more efficient with your home heating oil this summer

    Summer time sounds like an odd time of year to be concerned about your home heating oil, especially as you tend to use less of it during the warmer months. However, despite the recent spell of good weather we all know you can never rely on it for too long, so you could be back to switching on the heat before you know it (when they spoke about having four seasons in one day we all know they were referring to the lovely Irish weather!).

    With that in mind, here are a few tips to help you be more efficient with your home heating oil this summer.

    • Only heat what you need. Whilst you mightn’t need to heat your radiators every day, if you use your home heating oil to heat the water for your morning shower, you’ll be unlikely to give this up over the summer even if it is slightly warmer outside. Switch the settings on your boiler or turn off your radiators to make sure you’re only heating the water you need and be more efficient with your home heating oil supply.
    • Adjust the temperature settings on your boiler. The average household in Ireland isn’t affected by extreme weather conditions which can make it more efficient to adjust the temperature settings on your boiler, but if yours is still set on the highest temperature setting then it really is more economical to turn it down even by one or two degrees during the summer months.
    • Buy now – it tends to be cheaper during the summer. Based on typical principles of supply and demand, when less people require home heating oil during the warmer months, the amount available at a global scale increases, meaning it is cheaper to acquire. If you can afford to top up you tank now, it’s the perfect time to do so, and you’ll be ready for the first chill of autumn.
    • Turn it off when you’re on your summer holidays. If you’re going away for two weeks of sun-filled relaxation, or even just a hop, skip and a jump a few counties over then why waste your home heating oil to heat a house you won’t be in? Along with your usual pre-holiday checklist (empty fridge, arrange a dog sitter, leave emergency numbers with a neighbour) make sure you add ‘Turn off heating’ to that list to be more efficient with your home heating oil.
    • Take care of your tank. Summer months are the perfect time to spend enjoying the garden, and if your oil tank is located in the corner, make sure to inspect it while you’re outside enjoying the sunshine. Is it still in good condition? Are there any leaks or cracks? It can be hard to diagnose problems in the winter when the elements are battering you, so take the time to check your oil tank over for any signs of wear, tear or damage from the previous year and make arrangements to have any faults fixed now.