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    Planned delivery draw – we have a winner!

    Congratulations to Michael Carroll, the lucky winner of the Planned Delivery draw which awarded him €200 free credit on his Emo account. Michael is one of the many people who choose to sign up to our new Planned Delivery service In June. In fact, if you sign up to our free Planned Delivery service between now and 15th July, you also get the chance to be entered into our next draw for €200!

    Why choose Planned Delivery?

    Life’s stressful enough without having to remember to order your oil on top of the fifty million other things that might need doing. Well, “no worries”, because with Planned Delivery from Emo it’s our job to remember for you. And thanks to our clever technology, we never forget.

    No worries because…

    • planned delivery means never running out,
    • it’s absolutely FREE,
    • you always qualify for the great-value 900 litres ‘pence per litre’ price, regardless if you get a smaller delivery,
    • as a Planned Delivery customer you will receive priority during peak demand,
    • we supply only top quality oil, for dependable energy every time,
    • no risk of having to bleed your boiler!

    How does it work?

    We monitor your typical oil usage, your tank size and the daily temperatures. This enables us to scientifically calculate when your tank needs filling. The monitoring system is very reliable and we have a number of extra safety measures built in which means that the chances of running out are extremely low.

    Your delivery schedule can also be adjusted if there is a change in circumstances in your home, such as an extension being built, etc.

    For your added reassurance, we can notify you by text or email when your delivery is due – to ensure that it is a convenient date for you. This notification will be 2-3 weeks before delivery.

    How can you sign up?

    The great thing about Planned Delivery – apart from the general handiness of it all – is that you don’t have to do any paperwork to sign up – you can agree to it right now over the phone by calling us at 0845 434 7707 or by mailing [email protected]. The only information we need is the size of your oil tank.

    Sign up before July 15th to get entered into next draw and have the chance to win €200 credit on your Emo account!

    Stay in touch

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